Greenpedel H1 Electric Scooter



The Greenpedel H1 Electric Scooter is another good commuter for the city around. It is an amazing scooter with different three colors in the shade of white, yellow and red. It’s the quality of life feature is really good. If you are a scooter lover you are going to love this one.

With a single 4 hours charge, the scooter can go up to 18 km. In the handlebar, there is an LED display so that you can see the battery life and beside this, there is also a ringing bell. The scooter is foldable and the overall body is made of magnesium alloy that can cover your scooter from dirt and rain. The scooter runs quite well, though its maximum load capacity is 75 kg. The scooter battery is lithium-ion rechargeable with the power of 36 voltage.

The motor inside this ride is a high-end 250 watt, which is rotatable. It can even go uphill and can handle inclines really well. Brakes are the most important safety feature in an electric scooter.  The brakes are also located in the motor, which is an anti-lock type and requires zero maintenance. In this model, you find brakes are electronic brake and foot brake which are low maintenance and low weight. Electronic brakes are activated by a switch that shorts the terminals of the motor, creating resistance to motor rotation.

The important feature in this scooter is 5.5 inches tubeless tire that means they require less maintenance, have shock absorber qualities. This scooter has very lightweight only 8 kg and there is a front and rare light also.

General Info

  • Foldable yes
  • Material Magnesium alloy
  • Max load 75(Kg)
  • Color White, Yollow, Red
  • Climb capability 15(Degree)
  • Brake Electronic brake, foot brake

Brand & Company

  • Brand Name Greenpedel
  • Model no H1

Wheels & Tires

  • Tire size 5.5(Inch)
  • Tire type tubeless


  • Battery type Lithium
  • Battery voltage 36
  • Charging tme 4(Hours)
  • Range per charge 18(Km)


  • Motor Rotatable
  • Motor power 250(Watt)
  • Max speed 18(Km/h)

Size & Packages

  • Dimension (Cm)
  • Dimension on fold (Cm)
  • Net weight 8(Kg)


  • Front light Yes
  • Rare light Yes
  • Side light No


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