I-zip I500 Electric Scooter


The I-zip I500 is a long-range electric scooter and it has been perfectly designed for daily use. This is a foldable scooter, you can pack it up and take it with you easily. The I-zips has a power-saving feature, which means you can push the scooter to 2 mph before the electric motor takes over. The I-zip I500 has a top speed of 24 km and per single charge, it can able to go 16 km easily. Luckily this scooter comes with a seat attachment that’s perfect for instances like this.

I-zip electric scooters are manufactured by Currie Technologies. Its earth magnet motor is dust and dirt resistant, powered by 500 watts. The frame of the scooter is a durable all-steel computer welded frame. The I-zip I500 deck is 9 inches wide which is extra thick ABS material resists cracking. Its control panel is well arranged, features by battery power indicator, power switch, and charger port.

However, the brakes are very effective which are brand brake, its rear brake is easy to adjust. It can bear up to 117 kg of weight, so no matter how heavy you are. You just love this scooter for its enchanting outlook and its performance. The battery is lead acid which propels 12 volts. You don’t have to leave your I-zip to charge overnight, it just completes a full recharge in under 6 hours.

The I-zip I500 propels with large wheel, wheel size is 12 inch, the design of the wheels are very impressive, a cast aluminum alloy which called” Mag” wheel, that ensure also maximum safety of the rider. The weight of the scooter is quite heavy about 24.9 kg but don’t worry about its weight it is quite portable.

General Info

  • Foldable no
  • Material Steel
  • Max load 117(Kg)
  • Color Green
  • Climb capability (Degree)
  • Brake Band Brake

Brand & Company

  • Brand Name I-zip
  • Model no I500

Wheels & Tires

  • Tire size 12(Inch)
  • Tire type air_tire


  • Battery type Lead Acid
  • Battery voltage 12
  • Charging tme 6(Hours)
  • Range per charge 16(Km)


  • Motor
  • Motor power 500(Watt)
  • Max speed 24(Km/h)

Size & Packages

  • Dimension (Cm)
  • Dimension on fold (Cm)
  • Net weight 24.9(Kg)


  • Front light No
  • Rare light No
  • Side light No


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